The Importance Of Serpentine Belt Tensioners Explained

Serpentine Belt

Before the production of the serpentine belt, automobiles relied entirely on what is known as the V belt. If you are wondering what a v-belt is, it is simply a mechanism that joins the V-belt pulleys while passing on energy produced by the engine to various parts of the car where it is needed.


In the case of a car, the v-belt is responsible for powering a lot of car operations. When you have used the V belt for a while, it is expected that you make some adjustments to the V belt to make it suitable for effective operations.


In most cases, the average automobile would require as much as four belts to efficiently power various things in the automobile.

Owing to the fact that the v-belt has to be shifted personally, there are instances in which individuals make the error of constricting the belt excessively.


The downside to this practice is that the belt would be at risk of getting worse and being defective. This would put excessive strain on the v-belt and force it to deteriorate very quickly.


Invention Of Serpentine Belt

In comparison, serpentine belts are much better than the latter. The new invention has been incorporated in automobiles for the past two years.

Unlike the latter which required as many as four belts, you only need one serpentine belt in an automobile for a variety of functionalities.

Given the aforesaid, it can be noted that the hassle of upkeep is greatly reduced. In addition, serpentine belts are very durable and will not become defective even after extended periods of use.


There are many instances where a car’s serpentine belt becomes defective while the car abruptly. This could be an unsavory event with the possibility of unsavory ramifications.

This is one reason why it is imperative to check the serpentine belt from time to time. Please make sure that it is in great condition to keep your car moving.


If your belt tensioner begins to make chirping sounds, it is imperative that you check it and fix it. The belt tensioner could be tricky to fix, it is recommended that you get a professional to handle the process. Always make sure that the serpentine belt is compatible with the belt tensioner. Reading the maker’s instructions could be very helpful as well.

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