The Ultimate Guide To Checking A Belt Serpentine Tensioner

Belt Serpentine Tensioner

Getting A Suitable Belt Serpentine Tensioner

Many car owners make the mistake of not checking their car’s serpentine belt. Others are completely oblivious to the need to check their belt serpentine tensioner.

While most people are aware of the tremendous importance of the serpentine belt, some people are completely ignorant and fail to check the serpentine belt regularly. In comparison to the older form of a belt, the serpentine belt is much more durable.


Consequently, there is an inclination to forget to check the belt after a prolonged period of time. Just like you guessed, failure to check the serpentine belt regularly could spark unpleasant surprises.

On the other hand, there are individuals that are well-informed on the need to check their belt serpentine tensioner, but they are completely ignorant of the things to look out for. In this exposition, we will explore some of the things to look out for when checking your belt serpentine tensioner.


Check The Car’s Mileage

One of the easiest ways to know if your serpentine belt is due for the change is to see if the mileage is commensurate to the distance covered by the automobile and compare it with the limits of mileage written on the serpentine belt.


Look Out For Lines

When you check your serpentine belt, it is expected that you look out for lines. When your serpentine belt is well rested on the belt tensioner, it would reveal if there are any lines on the belt.

However, it should be noted that you need a professional to help fix the belt on the belt tensioner. When you see lines on the serpentine belt, it is an indication that the belt tensioner is about to wear off.


Keep An Eye On How It Functions

It should be noted that you will get increased sound from an engine with a bard belt serpentine tensioner. This would also be accompanied by a decrease in the control of your power steering and a weakened alternator battery. All of these are sting indications of a defective serpentine belt/tensioner.

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